Regarding room list display

Sesha Reddy Mutyala
Added over 4 years ago

Team i am using tigase-server-5.2.0-b3447 i need to display roomlist in client may i know what is the configuration for it i am trying from pidgin i am not able to see the room list.



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Added by Bartosz Małkowski TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

Rooms should be visible by Service Discovery (if rooms are configured to be visible).

Field muc#roomconfig_publicroom in room configuration should be true.

Added by Sesha Reddy Mutyala over 4 years ago

i am using remote unix server today i check i am not able to connect the server itself from pidgin may i know what is the server name i need to give when i need to create room are get list of rooms.can you please provide me steps to setup muc component in unix.

if i give it is saying host server not exist

if i give only host it is not showing anything


M.Sesha Reddy