Room list is missing while requesting over the BOSH

Khaleel Shaik
Added over 4 years ago


We are using a BOSH client for communication. When the user request for rooms list to join the room the server is not returning any rooms.

During the debug we are absorbed that the request is received the server properly. and The sever formed the room list inside the XML ITems. However this XML response biding inot BOSH, the rooms list items is missing in the XML.

Do we need to do any configurations done for BOSH.

Thank you.


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Added by Artur Hefczyc TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

No additional configuration is needed. If the room list is generated in Tigase server and sent back to the client, I wonder at which point it disappears. Have you been able to track this down? Is Tigase server putting correct XML with rooms list to the network socket? Can you scan the network communication to check if the data correctly arrived on the client side?

One of possible explanation is that the rooms list of very long, therefore the large XML cannot be processed by JS on the client side. Another possibility is that the Bosh library you use, somehow handles the rooms list incorrectly.


Added by Khaleel Shaik over 4 years ago

Hi Artur,

Thanks a ton for quick response.

The response XML from the server is rightly putting into the socket.

The rooms list is very small (5 rooms) only. However the client side library we are using is ConverseJS.

After refreshing the client side libraries, its working fine now.

Thank you.