Hidden chat rooms are not really hidden.

Jaume Paternoy
Added over 4 years ago

Hi all.

First of all, congratulations for your great work with Tigase.

I am trying to develop an integration between Tigase and an external system. Through a REST API I consume room names and members, and it works as expected. I want my rooms to be visible only by its members, but from the client (I use Psi and Empathy), I can see every room existing in the system, in spite of not being member of any of them. As I read, chat rooms with features "muc_hidden" and "muc_membersonly" should not be shown to not member users, but it doesn't really work this way. Following is the message sent by the server:

I am using Tigase Server 5.2.2 (also tried 5.2.1). My setup for the muc component is:

--comp-class-1 = tigase.muc.MUCComponent

--comp-name-1 = muc





My class CustomMucUserRepository is providing methods getData and getKeys as it should to consume affiliations, and all values are right at a glance, but it is not working as expected.

Is there any existing issue with that feature, or any common mistake I am missing?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Added by Bartosz Małkowski TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

fixed and commited to repo (branch devel)


Added by Jaume Paternoy over 4 years ago

Hi Bartosz.

I 've just tested it and it really works.

Thanks a lot for the fix.