Is it possible to get more info about sender?

Igor Khomenko
Added over 4 years ago

Is it possible to get more info about sender in a MUC component?

Now there is a method in a class GroupchatMessageModule

public void process(Packet packet) throws MUCException

which provides only a packet

With plugin development it's possible to receive an info about session

public void process(Packet packet, XMPPResourceConnection session,
   NonAuthUserRepository repo, Queue<Packet> results, Map<String, Object> settings)

and get more info about current user session, like client's IP address and more

can we access this data in a component?

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Added by Wojciech Kapcia TigaseTeam over 4 years ago

No, it's not possible because of component architecture and the fact that it's possible to deploy any component as external component to different machine.