RSS/Atom to Pubsub module

Timothée Jaussoin
Added about 5 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm edhelas, the main developer of the Movim project ( I have implemented Pubsub in Movim ( and I'm looking for a tool which can parse some RSS and Atom feeds from the web and covnert them to a Pubsub feed.

This kind of features would be great :

  • Parse the header of the RSS/Atom feed and put the information in the node metadata (like the title, the description)

  • Have a simple tool/UI to add/remove the feeds

  • Push only the new items, and try to push the historic if the users was disconnected for a couple of days

If you have something similar, advices or you have a question on my request, just ask :)


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Added by Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam about 5 years ago


Some time ago I was creating similar thing. I was creating a web service which was retrieving data from PubSub nodes and return it to client in ATOM or RSS format. Unfortunately I had to create whole code to convert from PubSub to ATOM or RSS but it was rather easy thing to do, especially for ATOM format. I also was generating ATOM feed metadata using node name as title so I didn't need to care about this. As for RSS format, I created a simple code which converted ATOM feed into RSS format, so I could use same machanism I used to retrieve PubSub items as ATOM feed and later convert it to RSS feed.

I would suggest to create and configure a node so name of a node will be same as title retrieved from ATOM feed metadata.

I would publish items to PubSub service in ATOM format (ATOM entry), as ATOM format is XML compliant so there would be no problems with char escaping as it could be with RSS.

It would be a good idea to publish items to PubSub with same id as id of ATOM entries - this way, at start you could retrieve from PubSub service list of id of already published items and decide which are new items.