Pubsub message loss when user offline and reconnect

hao ma
Added almost 4 years ago

I use pubsub to publish a message between A and B for test

All is ok if A and B are online .

if A is just offline, He can take the message after he reconnected.

However, if A's Connection is broken(with session not broken) and reconnected(just re-login) in a short time. user will lose the message during this period (if A send message to B

during A's connection broken and reconnect to server).

My stream management works. So for private chat, the message will not lose even the net is broken and reconnect .

(means for private chat, all is O.K under all the condition)

Just lose the message for Pubsub( under the condition: net broken with the session remain and re-login in short time, Message will lose during this time).

My xmpp version = 7.1.0 and pubsub component version = 3.1.0 .

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Added by hao ma almost 4 years ago

from log . It shows when my net is broken . The data still set to the session manager(because the session keep alive) with the old session connection information.

When I re-login(using full jid) . Xmpp server takes it as a new session and generate a new session and notify the SM .

It did not make session comparation and copy old session content to the new one. So, under this condition can I use other configuration or module

to handle with it? AMP for example or just wait for the upgrade in the future?