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8408 BeagleIM Text selection problem
8392 BeagleIM Wrong cursor over links
8365 Tigase Android Messenger Video chat
8344 Tigase PubSub PEP plugin forwards packets without "from" attribute to PubSub component
8305 Tigase XMPP Server tigase 8.0 cluster by using mongodb
8292 XMPP Tigase.IM Service My account is broken
8269 Tigase XMPP Server Improve VHost configuration / extending
8223 Tigase Message Archiving Add support for urn:xmpp:mam:2
8191 Tigase TTS-NG TTS-NG on does not mark failures if Tigase XMPP Server fails to start
8093 Tigase MUC Cannot join to room with Swift
8086 Tigase MUC Improve detecting incorrect payload while configuring room affiliation/roles
7808 IoT Framework Unable to add device to pin 7
7578 IoT Framework Support for PiJuice
7527 Tigase HTTP API More detailed logs
7511 Tigase iOS Messenger OMEMO support
7485 Tigase XMPP Server CounterDataArchivizer for AWS CloudWatch
7415 Tigase IoT Short Led Matrix description
7393 IoT Framework Adding LED Matrix device on iOS client causes IoT Framework to terminate
7392 Tigase IoT Getting started guide improvements - screenshots from mobile devices
7391 Tigase IoT Getting started guide improvements
6734 Tigase MUC Cannot limit amount of resources of single occupant
6638 Tigase XMPP Server AWS private addresses and network interfaces used for inter-cluster communication
6637 Tigase XMPP Server AWS auto-disable certain services if public address is not available
6635 Tigase XMPP Server AWS public IP address availability
6634 Tigase XMPP Server AWS detection
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