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# Project Subject
8895 Tigase TTS-NG private-TTS-NG-tests-runner-mongodb - Build # 417 - Failure!
8894 Tigase TTS-NG private-TTS-NG-tests-runner-mysql - Build # 429 - Failure!
8892 Tigase XMPP Server [monitor] log task should include only entries with particular log level
8891 Tigase XMPP Server DualIP support in Stream Management
8875 XMPP Tigase.IM Service Siskin IM push server is not accessible
8866 BeagleIM More connection options
8860 Tigase XMPP Server Enable stream management by default
8851 Tigase Android Messenger Rebranding
8838 Tigase Android Messenger Add support for OMEMO
8837 BeagleIM Add support for OMEMO
8835 Tigase HTTP API Simplify installer
8834 Tigase Android Messenger tigase-mobilemessenger-3 - Build # 1060 - Failure!
8833 Tigase Message Archiving XEP-0308: Last Message Correction
8822 Tigase Android Messenger Can't register
8814 Tigase Android Messenger Fix bugs reported in Google Play
8813 Tigase Utils tigase-utils doesn't compile with JDK12
8791 Tigase XMPP Server Allow configuring XEP-0157: Contact Addresses on per VHost basis
8765 Tigase MUC Add support for MUC and offline message delivery
8758 Tigase XMPP Server XEP-0279: Server IP Check
8757 Tigase XMPP Server XEP-0202: Entity Time
8732 Tigase XMPP Server Make sure that it's possible to enable SSL connections in cluster
8726 Tigase.IM Web Client Move analytics to the end of the page
8723 Tigase Database Migrator Add support for importing data from PIEFXIS files
8715 Tigase XMPP Server Fix DeprecatedTest
8692 Tigase XMPP Server Flatten schema to match versioning document
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