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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Estimated time Due date % Done
  (blank) 17 Estimated time: 71.00 Collapse all/Expand all
70 Bug New Low Improve chat logger

71 Feature New Low Implement Requesting Voice

72 Feature New Normal Implement Destroying a Room

74 Feature New Normal Implement Registering with a Room

77 Feature New Normal Finish implementation of disco#items and disco#info

142 Feature New Normal Configurable, allowed namespace list

259 Feature New Normal Removing/managing a room by admin

266 Feature New Normal Improve battery life

6337 Feature New Normal Better discoverability of component address

6578 Task New Normal Detect stale VHosts

1677 Feature In Progress Normal Fetch all messages (according to timestamp) for all pubsub nodes a user is registered in

6536 Task New Normal Add test case to check S2S connectivity 7.00

6537 Task New Normal Add test cases for Push notifications generation 8.00

163 Feature In Progress High Implement last-activity 16.00

2427 Feature In QA Normal Configuring the number of messages before requesting an acknowledgement 2014-12-31

3703 Feature New Normal Active Directory (AD) with Kerberos 2015-11-23

299 Feature New Low X.509 support 40.00 2016-07-30

  Andrew Smith 1 Estimated time: 0.00 Collapse all/Expand all
8292 Support Feedback Normal My account is broken 2018-10-26

  Andrzej Wójcik IoT 1 CloudTigaseTeam 21 Estimated time: 102.00 Collapse all/Expand all
602 Feature New Normal Photo sharing

1021 Feature New Normal History-only access

1554 Task New Normal OSGi mode - exceptions in logs

3410 Feature New Low Information about connected resources

4817 Task New Normal RSM and jabber:search for pubsub discovery

5215 Feature New Normal Limit number of messages that are stored in DB per user within a period of time

5489 Feature New Normal Reconfiguring server during run-time

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