Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : Color detection

Added by Pawel Zaborny 8 days ago

Colour detection program is now able to find eg. tennis ball in a room and shows it's position and size. I made some changes to increase performance and now its has max and constant value of 30fps all the time on PC. I also changed a way how program capture centre of ball. Now it tries to find minimal bounding rectangle then counts centre of that rectangle. Instead of trying to use openCV "moments" function. This changes caused that program is more resistant for errors caused by smaller objects with similar colour and can capture more remote objects. There are required only few changes in code.

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : color detection and aruco markers detection

Added by Pawel Zaborny 13 days ago

This week I spent few hours trying to create aruco markers detection in pure java. Unfortunately it's only supported in c++. I decided to postpone it to aim at colour detection instead, to provide reference point for camera vision. I created javaFX GUI reading and displaying image from camera which is able to detects colours and shows edges of given object in real time. To provide easer colour range selection I added six sliders to manually adjust HSV range parameters what's very helpful due to not intuitive HSV colour representation and not constant hue and saturation on different cameras in different light. Next step is to find center of mass of detected object to give exact XY position for steering purposes.

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : Completing hardware and aruco markers detection

Added by Pawel Zaborny 19 days ago

Mosterborg was fully assembled. I made initial investigation on aruco markers detection in java openCV. I created first basic program which runs camera vision, converts openCV "mat" format to java BufferedImage and finally shows video in swing window. I came across a serious problem regarding computer vision in java. As pure java doesn't support aruco markers detection.

Autonomous Obstacles Detecting Vehicle : Software installation

Added by Pawel Zaborny 26 days ago

Required software and all dependencies ware installed on Raspberry Pi and PC. The biggest problems appeared during building OpenCV JAR containing the Java interfaces and the files of native library(C/C++). It was time consuming due to additional dependencies and long time required to make a build. All parts of PiBorg MonsterBorg ware delivered.


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