Autonomous Vehicle Detecting Obstacles is an internship project which general purpose is providing autonomous drive functionalities basing on computer vision and implementation of tigase XMPP server.

The robot has utilities allowing it to find a point of reference by the specified algorithm as edge or color detection. As a result, it provides the capability to drive autonomously without any additional source of feedback as encoders or lidar scanner. The robot also has simple task management system taking responsibility for usage of memory and order of tasks.

The project is basing on piborg mosterborg robot which includes rapsberry PI, camera, motors and motor controller.

Deployed software is written in Java and use open source image processing library openCV and tigase XMPP server.

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TigaseTeam: Artur Hefczyc Tigase team member

TigaseIntern: Pawel Zaborny

Latest news

Investigation on how to deploy openCV javaFX GUI
Trying to solve problems related to deploying program to raspberry. Problems included lack of support in java8 for javaFX on raspberry. Requirement of building native library for specified architecture. And problem with capturing webcam.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 29 days ago

Deploying software and communication with RaspberryPi
Added by Pawel Zaborny about 2 months ago

Color detection
Colour detection program is now able to find eg. tennis ball in a room and shows it's position and size.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 2 months ago

color detection and aruco markers detection
I created javaFX GUI reading and displaying image from camera which is able to detects colours and shows edges of given object in real time.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 2 months ago

Completing hardware and aruco markers detection
Monsterborg is fully assembled and initial investigation on aruco markers detection in java openCV.
Added by Pawel Zaborny 3 months ago

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