Design goals and other

We work on software and creating a good software for IoT is our main goal. Devices we work on are just helpers, example use-cases on which we test our software ideas and experiment.


  1. Support various types of IoT use-cases

  2. Allow for an easy data exchange between different IoT devices and users

  3. Simple and easy setup for the end-user. Ideally from the end-user point of view, basic functionality and communication should be plug-n-play. No configuration, no action from the end-user is required after plugging this in. It should just work.

  4. Allow to exchange data and communicate outside of LAN.

  5. High security and privacy.

  6. Flexible, data should be available for pull and push operations. Easy way to connect new devices, support for different kind of devices, sensors.

  7. Allow for bi-directional communication

  8. Remote device control

  9. Remote device reconfiguration