IoT Client or IoT Consumer

Running a bot-framework application at system startup

This is a command line application which starts at the system startup time. The problem is that it must wait until all the networking services are up and running. So far the best option for this is to run it from a crontab. First install the program in the /home/pi folder. Let's say this is Tigase Pi Meteo application for monitoring weather data. It is deployed in the /home/pi/tigase-pi-meteo/ folder. If the program is based on the Bot Framework then all the startup scripts and configuration files are pretty standard. The startup call is also redirecting all the program output to a log file in the /home/pi folder logfile.txt file.

sudo crontab -e

and add following line to the file:

@reboot sleep 30 && nohup /home/pi/tigase-pi-meteo/bin/tigase-pi-meteo --package-filter tigase.pimeteo -p /home/pi/ > /home/pi/logfile.txt 2>&1 &