Implementation of Message Archiving Component is based on XEP-0136 but for now is not fully compliant as it uses date of archived message as thread id of message due to the fact that some clients are sending messages with no thread id (e.g. Psi, Psi+). Due to this fact it is also possible to ask component about messages without specifying thread id of chat. For now component stores only bare jid or recipients.

Please read configuration section before trying to use this component.


Description of configuration options available for Message Archiving component.

Additional features

Tigase Message Archiving component contains also additional features such as:

  • Support for ommiting with attribute when quering for messages @(since 1.1.0)@

Allows user to search for messages with all users stored in archive. In this case when with attribute is omitted chat element of response will not contain with attribute but every to and from element will contain with attribute.