Submitting patches and other code

You are welcome to submit patches or entire source code files for us to include in the Tigase source code. We would be happy to improve our software with your contribution and add features you require and implement on your own.

However, while we are put every effort to preserver the original authorship of the piece of code, patch or entire source code file, you need to agree to so called Shared ownership of the code. It means that both you as the original author and Tigase has equal and full rights to the submitted code to change it, include in own project and release under any license (either open source or commercial) it wants.


  1. Make sure you accept the above, simple terms before sending us a patch or attaching your source code.

  2. Make sure you check the Source Code Disclaimer field in the ticket you are attaching the code to.

Without this we cannot and we will not use your code and will not include your code in the Tigase software.

We also recommend that you add to your code following annotations:

  1. Include the original author name and contact. We will not do this for you.

  2. Put also a note in the code that you accept the shared ownership of your code. Just to be absolutely clear about it.